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  1. Essential FeatherLight Demi 4-Wheel Walker Model # W1660


    • Designed For Users 4' 8" to 5' 4"
    • Lower Seat Height Ensures Proper Posture, Enables the User to Keep Their Feet on the Floor While Sit
    • New & Improved – All of the Product Quality and Features You’ve Come to Expect Plus Some Added E
    • Includes both a Basket AND a Carrying Pouch
    • Comfortable Wide and Thick Padded Seat for Resting, Lifts for Easy Access and Convenient Storage
    • Unique Folding Strap Secures the Unit and the Curved Padded Back Folds to Make Transportation a Breeze
  2. NOVA 4GetGO Classic 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4202C

    The GetGO Classic is a true classic with great features at a nice value. The GetGO Classic is equipped with 6” wheels, a large padded seat, and an under seat pouch.
  3. NOVA  "STAR 8" 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4258 NOVA  "STAR 8" 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4258

    NOVA "STAR 8" 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4258

    The NOVA STAR shines with more features, options, colors and style. Its Quick-Fit "height adjustable" design gives the user a perfect fit in just seconds, also making it so easy to pack up for travel, adventure and those odd spaces. And, because we believe that everyone deserves to shine, the STAR is a great value that lasts a lifetime.
  4. NOVA Forté 23″ Rolling 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4323 NOVA Forté 23″ Rolling 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4323

    NOVA Forté 23″ Rolling 4-Wheel Walker Model # 4323

    The Forté is about strength, expertise and conviction. We know NOVA is the best and our new Forté is strong, beautiful and for the intentional. It stands when folded, carries your things, has a removable front pouch, comes in two seat heights and widths (Forte 4320 has a more narrow and lower seat height compared to the Forte 4323) and makes a bold statement. Fortissimo!  The Forté comes standard with NOVA’s patented Feather Touch locking hand brakes, 8″ wheels, seat with fold strap, large removable front pouch with close zipper and padded backrest.  All NOVA rolling walkers have a beautiful metallic paint finish, fold easily and have a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the frame.

  5. NOVA Traveler 3-Wheel Rolling Walker Model # 4900

    The Traveler 3 Wheel Walker will get you going places with its unique, three wheel maneuverable design! It comes with 8” wheels, locking hand brakes, a tray, a basket, and a pouch.

  6. NOVA Cruiser De-Light Folding Rolling Walker Model # 4010

    The Cruiser De-Light is a real pleasure! It is the only 4-wheeled rolling walker that folds and has adjustable legs like a standard folding walker. Additionally, it has the added benefits of locking hand brakes and a seat.

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6 Item(s)